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100 watchers celebration plus more!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 2, 2017, 8:22 AM
Hello everyone of my watchers out there! I wanna make this journal entry to thank everyone out there who pressed that watch button on me! Yay I am slowly growing bigger! ^^ Thank you all for that! Hihii~ 

Now let's get to the "plus more" part~ There are a few things I wanna say here in this journal. 

I am looking for someone who can make good journal skins as I want my own personal journal skin ^^ I am willing to pay. If anyone do make good journal skins then note me ^^

Yeah of course I have to make some sort of contest for my 100 watchers milestone! ^^  I want the contest to be a reward to some of my watchers out there :D I will draw a drawing of my OC gathered with four other OCs, I'll let you choose what position you want your OC to be in, I of course have to agree that the position is good enough ^^
Since it's a small little price here, the entry won't be hard :3
How to enter:

- Be sure that you watch me on DA 
- Post your ref sheet in the comments of this journal plus a random number from
1-200. (try not to pick the same number as another person)

Thats it! Easy huh? I will choose four random numbers when the contest ends :3

~Contest will end 31.03.217~ 
I will need at least 4 entries to do this!

You can choose that I draw your OC in with my OC, or you can have a single drawing of him if you want :3

And yeah, since it seems like enough people like my art and a few friend have said I should, I now decide that I will open some cheep comissions! ^^ Another journal on that later~

Skin by kinga-saiyans (modified by Coramino)
SunriseSparkle Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
my ref sheet:…
i pick 13 my lucky number
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